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Sealed Terminals & Disconnects

DuraSeal® heat-shrinkable nylon crimps protect against water, condensation, salt and corrosion. Their tough, heat-shrinkable nylon tubing, resists abrasion and cut-through damage, provides strain relief and protects against vibration. DuraSeal® devices are simple and quick to install using a crimp tool and heat source. They accommodate a wide range of wire sizes and are colour-coded for easy identification. DuraSeal® devices are also transparent for visual inspection of the finished splice.

SolderGrip® heat-shrinkable devices utilise a spiral copper coil that grips and compresses the conductors, allowing a pre-fluxed solder ring to flow to the centre of the splicing area, resulting in a highly reliable, repeatable joint. SolderGrip® terminals use a durable RW175, which protects the electrical joint and provides insulation and strain relief.

Both DuraSeal® and SolderGrip® products deliver high quality protected electrical joints and are especially suitable for harsh environments.

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