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Rescor® High Temperature Machinable Ceramics, Ceramic Tape & Cloth

Rescor® High Temperature Machinable Ceramics up to +1650ºC
Rescor® ceramics are easy to machine with conventional shop equipment and standard cutting tools. In comparison, traditional ceramics are difficult to machine or require extensive custom processing.

Common properties include high temperature stability, excellent electrical characteristics, very good corrosion, abrasion & chemical resistance plus surface temperatures ranging from +540ºC to over +1650ºC, even in oxidising, reducing or vacuum atmospheres. Available in a wide range of shapes, including rods, bars, tubes, plates and blocks.

High Temperature Ceramic Tape & Cloth up to +1820ºC
Overcome health and safety hazards by using these asbestos-free materials. With asbestos limited to +650ºC, Ultra-Temp also has a significant temperature advantage. Properties include chemical and abrasion resistance, excellent thermal and electrical insulation, resistance to thermal shock and outstanding temperature stability. They are available in a wide range of formats, including tapes, cloths, sleeving, sheets and boards.

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