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High Temperature Ceramic Adhesives, Fillers & Coatings up to +3000ºC - Properties & Installation Instructions

Resbond® speciality adhesives will bond to ceramics, metals, glass and plastics etc. for research, electronics, metallurgical, nuclear and industrial applications.

They offer excellent high temperature stability, dielectric strength, mechanical properties and thermal shock resistance. They are resistant to molten metals, oxidising and reducing atmospheres, as well as most chemicals and solvents.

Resbond® adhesives are based on high purity ceramic binders and selected powders. They are easily cured at room temperature without objectionable odours or outgassing.

Available in a wide range of viscosities, strengths, conductivities, expansion rates and dielectric strengths. Resbond® adhesives are designed to satisfy the most difficult application requirements.

Ceramic Adhesives - Installation Instructions

For Non-Porous Materials
1. Clean surfaces. Remove old coating, adhesive, dirt, grease, etc.
2. De-grease with solvent such as Resbond™ 105RS and dry thoroughly.

For Porous Materials
1. Clean surface of loose dirt and dust. Moisten the surface to be bonded with a solution of 50% ceramic thinner and 50% clear water. Note: Use the thinner for the specific adhesive system selected.

2. Mix Adhesive thoroughly prior to use, follow directions on product label. Do not whip air into the mix. Note: For two component systems, mix the powder & activator according to the weight ratio on the label.

3. Apply Adhesive by spatula, brush or dipping. Completely wet the surfaces.

4. Immediately press surfaces together. If necessary clamp or fix materials to maintain uniform distance while curing. Typically a gap of 0.25mm to 0.50mm is recommended. Excess adhesive can be removed with a damp cloth.

1. Let the join air set 1-4 hours.
2. Cure at a minimum of 2 hours at 90ºC.
3. Avoid excessively fast heating. It will cause adhesive to bubble and form a weak bond.

Post Cure
1. To develop maximum strength, solvent and moisture resistance. Post cure for 1 hour at 120ºC followed by 1 hour at 315ºC to 370ºC. Note: Always follow the specific recommendations shown on the product labels. Bond testing with sample pieces for your specific applications is recommended. Fast curing systems may be available for your specific needs. Contact us for recommendations.

For Potting Applications
For potting applications refer to the instructions for ceramic potting materials. Note: These products will not out-gas after a complete cure.

Coating Application
1. To thin the adhesive use the thinner developed for use with each specific adhesive.
2. Thin approximately 5% from a solution made up of 50% ceramic thinner and 50% water.
3. Brush or spray on a thin coat. Air dry coating. Re-apply. Repeat until desired thickness is obtained.
4. Follow cure instructions as required on the product label. Note: One component systems may also be used for ceramic coatings.

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Resbond® HighTemperature Ceramic Adhesives - Properties
Ceramic Adhesives - Installation Instructions


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