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High Temperature Epoxies for Bonding & Filling to +340ºC

Duralco™ High Temperature Epoxies are unique, cross linked, organic-inorganic polymer systems designed for use from -55ºC to +340ºC. They offer excellent adhesion, high temperature stability, dielectric properties and superior chemical, corrosion and moisture resistance. They are ideal for assembly, castings, tooling, repairs, bonding, etc.

Duralco™ Epoxies are widely used in high performance motors, instruments, pumps, appliances, electronics, semi-conductors, production applications, etc. Choose from room temperature curing, coating and impregnating, high thermal conductivity, potting and casting grades. For applications involving a continuous use temperature above 340ºC choose from the range of ceramic adhesives.

High Temperature & Conductive Epoxies - Installation Instructions

1. Clean surfaces of all grease, oil, dirt, old coatings, rust, etc. Roughen surface to improve adhesion. For best results use Resbond™ 105RS Solvent or Resbond™ Surface Prep 105RP.

2. Re-stir all Resins and Hardeners to ensure a uniform, homogeneous product. Warming resins from +35ºC to +50ºC will reduce the viscosity and ease mixing.

Mix Ratio
3. Note: All measurements are by weight. Follow instructions supplied on the product label for the exact mix ratios.

4. A). Weigh out the resin and hardener into a separate clean container. Combine the resin and hardener. Mix slowly and thoroughly. Make sure to scrape the sides and walls of the container to ensure a complete mix. Do not whip air into the mix. Note: Weight = total weight minus the weight of the container.
B). For single component systems re-mix, apply and heat cure as directed.

Vacuum Degassing
5. Special additives have been incorporated into these epoxy systems to eliminate the need for vacuum degassing. Warming resin and letting the mixture stand for several minutes before use will normally remove most of the remaining entrapped air. Vacuum degassing should be employed for critical applications. Note: The use of warm resin may reduce working time.

Adhesive Applications
6. Apply with a trowel or with a dispensing syringe. Use bond lines from 0.127mm - 0.254mm. Disposable syringes are available.

Potting and Casting Applications
7. Pour slowly, in a thin stream, to allow the air to escape. The material should be allowed to flow around and under the components. Note: A fast pour may trap air pockets.

8. Follow the curing procedures listed on product labels for these systems. Optimum high temperature properties are only obtained when following the recommended cure cycles.

Post Cure
9. Post cure for 4 hours 90ºC to 120ºC to enhance any room temperature curing systems properties.

Clean Up
10. Uncured epoxies can be cleaned with biodegradable Resbond™ 105RS.

Consult the appropriate MSDS for safety instructions. Mixing batches over 50-100g can create excessive heat in some systems.

Download the PDFs for:
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