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Cable Ties & Accessories - Overview & Material Characteristics

Cable Ties
A wide range of cable tie products are available from Nylon to Stainless Steel and used extensively across a broad range of industries and environments to secure and aesthetically enhance wire and cable systems.

Wiring Accessories
Used in association with cable ties to speed and simplify the mounting of cable and tubing. Mounting methods include self-adhesive backed, user applied adhesives, screws, rivets or through-panel designs.

Lacing Tapes and Cords
Lacing tapes and cords are commonly used to secure and enhance loose cable bundles. They are available in a wide range of colours and sizes to meet the demands of the aerospace market and specific customer requirements.

Material Characteristics
Further information is available via the PDF below.
Note: based on assumption of minimum loading, chemical attack & impact free conditions.

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Cable Ties and Accessories - Overview

Cable Ties - Material Characteristics


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