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Wire Termination to Pins, Posts & Tabs - TE Connectivity®

SolderSleeve® terminators offer easy, one-step solutions for wire connections to pins, posts, tabs and mass wire terminations. Designed for applications with temperatures up to +150ºC, the products in this section include SolderSleeve® discrete wire terminators, which are heat-shrinkable thermoplastic sleeves containing a precisely engineered fluxed solder preform.

SolderSleeve® terminators are also available on carrier tape, spaced precisely to match connector terminal spacing, enabling termination of an entire row of wires at one time.

SolderSleeve® wire-to-pin, wire-to-post and wire-to-tab terminators all provide reliability and economical installation for greater productivity.

Further product information on discrete wire terminators is available via the link below:
SolderSleeve® Discrete Wire Terminators for Pins, Posts or Tabs


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