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-3 Semi-rigid Modified Polyolefin Moulded Parts & Shapes

Designed for use in general harnessing applications, where toughness is required. -3 moulded parts and shapes are used in systems that require protection from exposure to fluids and heat.

Features & Benefits
• Operating temperature from -55ºC to +135ºC
• Semi-rigid, flame retardant
• Good resistance to fluid and heat

• Minimum shrink temperature +125ºC
• Recommended installation temperature +150ºC

Specifications / Approvals
• Def Stan 59-97 Issue 3 Type DA (Europe)
• UL-224 File E85381
• MIL-I-81763/1, Class I (U.S)
• RT-301 and RK-6703
• BSG 198 Part 5 Type DA (Europe)

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